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SumRando VPN

SumRando VPN is, as the name implies, a virtual private network (VPN) service that anonymises your internet use. To outsiders trying to snoop on your connection, you'll appear to be just an unremarkable, anonymous user -- 'some rando' in internet parlance. This service has a range of different plans, including a free version that is genuinely completely anonymous, with no registration required.

A simple VPN service

If you've used another VPN service, most of SumRando VPN will seem pretty familiar to you: log in, choose a location to surf the web from, and go. If you're on a plan with limited data, the client will display a tracker telling you how much data you have left for the month. The top of your screen will display a simple banner in the form of a coloured bar. If the bar is green, you're browsing safely; if it turns yellow and black, your VPN isn't working and you're not protected. The interface is simple, even minimal, so don't expect a lot of customisation options.

A good client for light users

If you need high-speed downloads or browsing on your VPN, or need to tinker with its settings, SumRando VPN probably isn't for you. However, anonymous registration and a simple interface make this VPN service is a good choice for infrequent VPN users.

SumRando is a top-notch VPN software designed to protect your Internet privacy and security with high-level encryption.

SumRando is an internet privacy and security company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is a hub of a growing entrepreneurial community, fondly dubbed the “Silicon Cape.”

SumRando's top-notch VPN service was built from the ground up with wholly owned hardware in locations around the world. Our high-level 128-AES encryption and other advanced privacy features prevent surveillance programs and hackers from stealing and snooping on your private activities and personal information.

We increasingly live our lives online and at SumRando we believe the same safeguards in place in the physical world, should hold true for you on the internet.

SumRando VPN software provides:

- 128-bit AES encryption of your Internet connection;

- Privacy protection from the NSA, other Government surveillance, your ISP, hackers, and other online threats;

- The ability to bypass country-specific Internet filters; and

- Access to US-based content.

No registration is required to use SumRando with the Anonymous Account feature. Simply download and connect!


  • Simple banner display alerts you when you are unprotected
  • Free account requires no registration data


  • Limited features in client compared to others
  • Unpredictable download speeds
  • sometimes very slow

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

SumRando VPN for PC

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  • In English
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  • 3.4
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  • Security Status

User reviews about SumRando VPN

  • Andrea Leonardo

    by Andrea Leonardo

    I really love the simple and easy to use user interface that SumRando VPN offers! This software has long been standing since Windows XP and Vista era  More

  • Krishna Javier

    by Krishna Javier

    I have been using SumRando VPN ever since Windows XP era and up until now that my computer operating system is updated to Windows 10, I still have thi More

  • Ahmet Mustafa

    by Ahmet Mustafa

    If you are searching for the best VPN that will give high proctetion and security to your web browsing use, try this SumRando VPN now! With just one c More

  • Aryan Vihaan

    by Aryan Vihaan

    I really love that SumRando VPN is very lightweight and portable to use and download. It also has a simple and very minimalist user interface which ma More

  • Fynn Oliver

    by Fynn Oliver

    SumRando VPN is the best when it comes to giving protection to your browsing activity! This software offers a large quantity of VPN network service th More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Very lovely above all others .
    I believe it's the best VPN i've ever seen , i'm sure most people have not seen or heard about this program Sumr More


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